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Have you ever wanted to have the quilt designer

in your sewing studio to help you with a problem?

I'm here to help!

Not everyone has a local quilt store close and even if you do,

they may not have the availability to answer the question, do the math, or solve the problem.

Being a pattern designer and quilt store manager for almost 20 years,

I've come across many situations where time was needed to figure out a solution.

  • What if my panel is too big or small for the pattern?

  • How much border, backing, or binding fabric do I need?

  • How do I make this bigger?

  • How do I understand the instructions or terms used?

  • How much fabric will I need to make this block enough times for a king size quilt?

These are just some of the situations I may be able to help with.

I may not be able to design a whole new quilt for you,

but my goal will be to help you finish the project you have already invested time and money in.

Consultation Rates:

15 minutes $15

30 minutes $25

60 minutes $45

After you have emailed me your question, I will send you my time estimate and availability for FaceTime or Phone time to get you going.  A follow up email with what we talked about will be included.  If I don't think I can help with your unique issue, there is no charge for asking the question.

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